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Signify Case Study

New cost-effective in-line glass tube inspection

Securing and optimizing the inspection of glass tubes for Signify. Changing demands for inspection required a new innovative solution.

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Zeeland Pharma Case Study

3 months to achieve 99.9% accuracy
for inspection of medical devices

How we automated a tedious and difficult
manual inspection task and ensured safety and
quality in the production for Zealand Pharma.

Qubica Case Study

Achieving robustness in changing, harsh conditions

“Using state-of-the-art pattern recognition JLI provided us with a solution that works robustly in a variety of conditions and on top of that is flexible." - Morten Øllgaard Bloach, Project Manager, Qubiqa

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Wood Industry Case Study

98% accuracy in challenging inspection task

Working with a leading manufacturer in the wood industry, we automated the inspection of glulam boards in production lines to eliminate human errors and improve quality.

Inline Tube Inspection
Glass Industry Case Study

Helping the quartz glass tube industry automate manual inspection

How we automated a challenging inspection task and achieved a classification accuracy that is better and more consistent than the previous manual inspection.

Rail (Custom)
Steel Industry Case Study

Anomaly Detection on Steel Surfaces

With machine learning, we replaced a labor-intensive manual inspection process of detecting anomalies on steel surfaces.