Standard vision

Standard Machine Vision 

Group 63

Standard Inspection Systems

At JLI, we constantly monitor the standard vision equipment and software market and assess various products from a technical perspective.

The standard vision market is fragmented, making it difficult for those outside the industry to evaluate.

However, with our expertise in building robust and high-quality vision systems that operate 24/7, we are the ideal partner for integration and solution provision.

The brand of the equipment (such as Datalogic, Cognex, Keyence, etc.) is often not as important as the engineering and integration, which are the key determinants of a vision system's quality.

We classify the standard vision market into three product areas: smart sensors, smart cameras, and embedded/PC systems.

At JLI, we handle all types of vision projects. Through consultations with you, we can quickly determine the best setup and equipment for your application.

Examples of standard vision systems

Common solutions and applications for standard vision systems include:

  • Web or Continuous Inspection
  • Part Inspection
  • Needle Inspection
  • Color Matching Inspection
  • Packaging Artwork Verification
  • Medical Device Assembly Control
  • Precision Measurements
  • Surface Flow Detection
  • Plastic Molding Short Shot Detection
  • Pattern Finding and Product Orientation Identification
  • Label Position, Orientation, and Color Verification
  • Packaging/Sealing Verification
  • Vial in Tray Counting
  • Inspection of Flip-Off Caps
  • Component Assembly Verification
  • Component Alignment/Positioning
  • Lot and Batch Number Reading
  • Expiration Date Verification
  • Serial Number Traceability.

Learn more about when to use standard vision systems in this episode of our video series, The Vision Lab: "How far can you get with a standard solution?"

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