JLI vision - Privacy Policy

General information about GDPR for JLI vision a/s (JLI)

In this privacy policy, you can read more about how JLI processes cookies and personal data.
Personal data covers any kind of information about an identified or identifiable physical person.
Personal data includes information such as customer contact information, search behavior and purchase history.

About cookies

Cookies are a small text file that will be added to your computer when you visit JLI's website. Cookies are used to record which of our pages you are on and how long, but it does not give us information about who you are. JLI uses cookies are used for the purpose of improving our website. Cookies are typically deleted after a few months after your last visit to the website.
If you want to delete or block cookies, please use the following guide:

Contact information on JLI's data controller

JLI is data responsible, and we ensure that your personal data is processed in compliance with the laws. If you have questions, please contact:
• Contact person: Marketing responsible
• Address: Ellekær 9, 2730 Herlev
• Phone no .: +45 3966 0809
• Mail: info@JLIvision.com

Personal data that gets recorded

JLI records data about you as a necessary part of a contractual relationship between JLI and you, including sale to us or for the purchase of goods and services with us.

 From customers and collaborators, we request regular contact information as well as any payment information. In addition, JLI receives purchase / sales information on purchase / sales history. Examples of data:

• Contact information eg. first name, last name, address, phone number and email address.
• Order data, order confirmation, order history.
• Consent to newsletters, competitions and marketing.
• General personal data, including contact information in E-mails to our employees.
• User behavior in connection with the use of our website, collected through cookies.
Data may be collected and processed by JLI in connection with the following contact with us:
• Use of our website.
• Inquiry to us per. E-mail, phone, website or post.
• Order management and deliveries.
• Fairs, competitions, events, etc.

The purpose of processing your personal data

We process your data for specific purposes or other legal business purposes, such as:
• Handling of offers, orders and deliveries.
• Fulfill agreements based on your request.
• Managing your relationship with JLI.
• Operation of our website.
• Compliance with legal requirements.
• General communication with JLI.
• Broadcasting of newsletters and different marketing materials.

JLI only treats data about you that are relevant and sufficient in relation to the purposes defined in
the above or disclosed separately. Therefore, data necessary for the fulfillment of legal or contractual obligations are processed. The purpose is crucial to what type of data about you is relevant. The same applies to the amount of personal data we use. For example, we only use the data that is necessary for the specific purpose.

Deleting unnecessary personal data

We delete your personal data when they are no longer necessary for the purpose of the collection, processing and storage of your data. JLI has a general delete policy where personal data is automatically deleted or anonymized when there is no longer any purpose or legal requirement for storage. Typically, personal data are deleted or anonymized 5 years after the last contact, purchase /sale of goods and / or services.

Obtaining consent or treatment on another legal basis.
We disclose and obtain your consent before processing your personal data for the purposes described above, unless there is another legal basis. Your consent is voluntary and you can withdraw it at any time by contacting us. Use the contact information above if you want more information. No consent is obtained for processing information upon request by e-mail, telephone, website and per letter. Your personal data are not disclosed or sold to third parties.

Protection of personal data

JLI is required to provide protection of your data. JLI has internal rules regarding security measures that protect your personal data against being destroyed, lost or modified, from unauthorized disclosure, and against unauthorized access or knowledge of your personal data. In case of any security breach that results in a high risk to you, including ID theft, financial loss, reputation loss or other significant disadvantage, we will notify you of the security breach as soon as possible.

Your rights

You can make use of your rights by contacting us, see the above contact information. You are entitled at any time to know what data we treat about you, where they originate, and what we use them for and how long we keep them. If you request to know what data we are processing about you, we can provide information about what data we are processing. However, access may be limited for the protection of other persons' privacy, business secrets and intellectual property rights. You also have the right to request that your personal data be deleted or incorrect data corrected. In that case, we will investigate whether the conditions are met and implement subsequent changes or deletions as soon as possible. If you do not want JLI to process your personal data, it may prevent the purchase of JLI's goods and / or services.

Should you have questions about JLI's processing of your data or our website's use of cookies or want more information, please contact JLI per phone, email or mail. The contact information can be found on our website.