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Customized Machine Vision 

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Customized Inspection Systems


Creating custom vision systems is at the heart of what we do at JLI vision.

Leveraging our extensive experience and the expertise of our vision engineers, we provide innovative solutions for even the most challenging inspection tasks.

When standard systems fail to meet your quality standards, a custom solution is the way to go. Our goal is to solve each task in the simplest and most efficient manner, which may sometimes be achieved through the use of standard hardware and software.

Complex tasks require customized solutions

However, we often encounter cases that require customized solutions, typically due to the complexity of the inspection task (such as the size of defects or the surface being inspected), the production environment (e.g. cleanroom or fast-moving items), or regulatory requirements (in industries such as medical or pharmaceutical).

We develop custom algorithms for the specific inspection needs, and when appropriate, utilize deep learning to solve the task. In some cases, we also customize standard hardware components, such as light sources, to achieve the necessary results.

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Features & benefits

Why choose a customized vision system?

  • Custom made
  • Adapted to existing production lines
  • Excellent reliability track records
  • Special applications
  • Innovative solutions to challenging inspection tasks 

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