Why is a strategic cooperation so valuable?

Written by Jan Dall Christensen

JLI has since the beginning in the 80’s had a very close cooperation with many of our customers, who have returned with new projects over the years. Many of the customers are very large well-known companies in different areas such as pharma, glass, steel, food and wood. Very often a close contact has evolved between the project mangers on both sides. A deep knowledge about processes in the factories as well as administrative and quality demands, has helped solving many interesting projects.

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The knowledge and experience from the past years, has shown the value of a close cooperation and knowledge share between the customer and JLI. To increase the benefits of a closer cooperation, JLI encourage the customers to join in a more strategic long-term cooperation, where the knowledge sharing will be extended to more than just a single project.

Research and development

Every year JLI invest a substantial amount of money in research and development, to increase the internal knowledge and capabilities for future projects and technologies. Why not align the research and development investments with our customers direct needs now and in the future?

By joining in a strategic long-term cooperation both parties share their plans for the future, and that makes it possible for JLI to adjust or align the research and development plans to fit even better to the future demands from our strategic partners.

The benefits could also arise in other areas, such as standardized documentation, mutual quality system or standardized interfaces for control units or software applications – even as detailed as standard wire colors.

JLI want to invest extra time and resources in building up strong long-term relations with our customers, and a strategic cooperation gives the opportunity for both parties to get a deep knowledge about each other. It allows the project managers to have a more efficient and safe communication with each other, which entails a faster and better project for the customer as well as for JLI. JLI can help and support the customers project manager regarding internal reporting, documentation, consulting etc. if there is a deep understanding of the internal processes at the customer.

Benefits of long-term relationships 

The benefits from the long-term relation will also be valuable in short-term projects. The project managers know each other and the plans for the future. Many steps and questions can be prepared in advance, and resources can be reserved to allow a short lead- and project time.

Some of the benefits in a long-term strategic relation is also a deep knowledge about the future expectations regarding production facilities, uptime and preventive maintenance. If a system has to run for many years, it could be a good idea to monitor the availability of spare parts, the availabilities of software updates to secure a safe system setup or ‘end of life’ for components where there would be a need for a substitute – in time, before a break down.

JLI already has a long-term strategic cooperation’s with several large well-known companies, where the results until now have been very valuable for the customer as well as for JLI. The resource planning for the years coming will be aligned with the demands from our customers – not when urgently needed, but in advance, as we share our plans openly. JLI will always try to help and fulfill the demands of our customers, and with a strategic long-term cooperation it will be much easier and in time possible to prepare the necessary steps - to help and deliver the services needed.

There are frequent examples of new technologies that JLI has incorporated to support a strategic long-term customer for the future. We have hired experts to support the future demands of customers when they share plans.

Sharing of the future plans of JLI, gives the opportunity for the customer to think about new technologies, test ideas and affect the JLI research and development roadmap to support their own project roadmaps.

The only cost is spending the time to share the plans for the future – and a trustful long-term prosperous relation will arise.

Looking forward to hear from you – JLI is ready!