Now the employees own a part of JLI

Written by JLI vision
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At JLI vision, we have in recent years focused on self-management and self-organization in our efforts to create a good and efficient workplace. A workplace where employees take responsibility and feel a sense of ownership. And now the ownership has become very tangible.

Until now, JLI has been owned by JLI vision's founder Jørgen Læssøe and CEO Jan Dall Christensen, but now Jørgen Læssøe has chosen to sell the majority of his shares to the employees.

"I don't have any heirs myself, so I’ve always hoped that the employees would take over the company in some way and carry it forward. After all, it's the employees who have built the company and made it what it is today, so it makes a lot of sense, I think," says Jørgen Læssøe

Great interest from employees

Firmaseminar båd

Many of JLI's employees have been part of the company for several years and have helped develop the business. The employees have also responded very positively to the opportunity to buy in as co-owners.

33 out of 36 employees have accepted and have now become co-owners of a new company that owns approximately 30% of the company.

“Even more motivated”

One of them is Vision Engineer Jan Damsgaard:

"I have chosen to invest because JLI vision is a growing company in an exciting market - both professionally and financially - and I want to show my affiliation and be a part of it. I think the fact that so many of us have chosen to buy shares shows that there is a belief that JLI will be a good place to work for many years to come, and the fact that we are now co-owners can only make us even more motivated to participate in both the development and operations," he says.

JLI vision will open up the opportunity for future employees to buy in as well.

"The idea is that we will do a new round in five years, where employees again will have the opportunity to buy," says Jørgen Læssøe.