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Advantages of Machine Vision

Written by Henrik Birk
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Machine vision is an automated way to perform quality control. It helps you optimize and secure the quality of your production, which benefits your business on several points.

You secure the quality of your end product, save costs, minimize waste and maintain a streamlined production.

Here are seven obvious advantages of machine vision:


Happy customers
1. Minimizing errors: 
The first Advantage of Machine vision, is that when you are using an automated system for inspection, you reduces the number of errors in your production. The vision system is less likely to overlook any errors compared to human workforce.



cost savings -22.Cost savings/ROI:

Adding an automated inspection system to your production simply results in a more effective quality control. The system helps you solve an otherwise time-consuming inspection task while minimizing waste. This results in a higher ROI on your production setup.



Data collecting

3.Understand your production

By using machine vision for inspection, you collect data that allows you to gain an understanding of your production. This is extremely valuable if you want to optimize your production line in the future. This is actually a very important advantage you get from using Machine Vision that is often overlooked. 


High Accuracy-1

4.High Accuracy:

An automated vision system, that runs the same procedures over and over again, has a far greater accuracy than the human eye. 



High efficiency

5.High efficiency:

The vision system is able to work 24 hours a day, while reaching a higher inspection speed and consistency than human workforce


Happy employees
 6.Happy operators/users:

Another Advantage of Machine vision, is that the system has a user-friendly interface, which is easy to operate. Machine vision makes the “everyday-life” easier for the workers on the production line, which results in happier employees.



7.Happy customers:

By using machine vision, you secure the quality of your end product, which results in a greater product for your end customers! Not only does this give you a satisfied customer, but it also has a positive impact on your overall reputation.



Competitive advantage 

The true Advantage of machine vision, is the value that  you bring to your customers. Letting them know they can rely on you to deliver high quality products without disruptions or shipment issues. This is a great argument for your sales team to use, making your customers choose your business!



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