Rails Inspection
Steel Inspection

Machine vision for Rail Surface Inspection

Inspection of fast-moving and red-hot rails

JLI vision has developed a rail monitoring system that operates on a continuous 24h basis and is installed before the cooling bed.

 The sections pass through a ring holding 7 adjustable cameras and flood lights. At this point, the rail is red hot and moving at speeds up to 4 meters a second. The purpose is to facilitate surface inspection and read stamped characters.

Using optical filtering images are enhanced making the rail visually appear as cold.

As the rail enters the camera ring, images from up to 7 cameras are recorded. The system saves images of entire rails. Approximately 2000 images are stored for each rail, these are subsequently compressed and made available to the operators.

Rails Inspection
Features & benefits

Why choose the JLI Rail Surface Inspection System?

  • Stand-alone unit
  • Inspection performed at the hot-end, < 900o C
  • Replaces physical sample inspection
  • 360 inspection - no turn mechanism needed
  • Instant detection of errors down to 1 mm
  • Automatic detection of reoccurring defects
  • High-speed inspection
  • Can be configured for rails and sections
  • Internet connectivity
  • Quick data retrieval of the previous production
  • Stores images for documentation
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