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Checking crates for deformations and logos

When beer and soft drink crates return to the brewery they are emptied and washed. To ensure that crates are fit for reuse, an inspection system can be installed after washing, checking for deformation, foreign debris, logos, etc.

The crates pass on a special conveyor section providing a high-contrast background for the top-mounted camera. This conveyor makes the system tolerant of debris and water.

The top of the crate is examined to find broken handles and deformations. The inside of the crate is analyzed to find left bottles and debris in the pockets.

To identify the make of the crate, the brand name is read and analyzed. Crates with foreign or unacceptable logos are rejected.

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Features & benefits

Why choose the JLI Crate Inspection system?

  • High-speed operation with reliable results
  • Easy to set up and teach functions for new crates
  • Low maintenance and cleaning demands
  • Operates on all sizes and logos
  • Statistics showing trends and performance
  • All defective crates are rejected
  • Internet connectivity
  • User-friendly software
  • Flexible, compact, and portable design
  • Trend analysis
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