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Machine Vision for Brick Inspection

Automated quality inspection of building bricks

In the production of building bricks, manual inspection is often performed before the burning process.

Because of a very high production speed, manual inspection is difficult to achieve.

JLI’s brick inspection system provides 100% online inspection for measurements such as dimensions, surfaces, cracks, etc. An advanced surface inspection analysis makes it possible to classify bricks depending on their surface quality.

The inspection system can be integrated into existing production equipment and can be set up for automatic rejection of defective bricks by timing a signal. The system also provides process analysis by trend curves.

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Features & benefits

Why choose the JLI Brick Inspection system?

  • High speed operation with reliable results
  • Advanced surface inspection
  • Designed for dusty environment
  • Replaces manual inspection
  • Statistics showing trends and performance
  • 100 % online inspection
  • Flexible, compact and portable design
  • Elaborate defect classification
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